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The Linc - McNabb's new nasty streak

A 'nasty' streak from McNabb? | Philly | 11/29/2009
The word "nasty" and Donovan McNabb have pretty much never been used in the same sentence since the Eagles' signal-caller arrived on the scene here in 1999.

Bob Ford: Maclin, McCoy deliver | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/29/2009
The biggest cliché in the NFL - a league that dearly likes its clichés - is that when players are injured or not performing, the next guy in line has to step up and make a play. There is a lot of talk about stepping up in this league, and mostly it is just talk. Today, the Eagles did more than that, although they did chat about it afterward as well.

Mr. Opportunity: Avant Again Comes Up Big
Jason Avant has 32 catches this season, equaling his career high. It only seems like he has made every one of them in the pike position. Or with a strong safety’s helmet planted in his ribs.

Eagles' Parker should have been flagged - NFC East Blog - ESPN
That should be an easy call for the official. It was an excessive play by Parker -- and it could have cost his team the game. But the officials completely ignored it. Again, the Redskins should have never put themselves in a position to need a call like that at the end of the game. But it was horrendous no-call nonetheless.  Comeback Kids
Those incomplete passes in the final moments have become huge plays. The abandoned running game has reappeared. The big fourth-quarter drives are being fashioned by the Eagles instead of against them. Donovan McNabb's worst quarter has become his best.

Iggles Blog - Philadelphia Eagles Blog: Just Call Him Captain Comeback

If the Birds had lost, I suspect that Andy Reid would have had to spend an even greater proportion of his press conference apologizing for his failed opening gambit. As it is, let's just all have a nice laugh about it and move on.

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