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Thanksgiving Afternoon/Evening Games Open Thread

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Happy Turkey Day everyone! Two rival games are slated for today, which should provide something entertaining to watch while you're stuffing your face. At 4:15, the Raiders travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys. The 'Boys are missing both starting tackle Marc Colombo and safety Ken Hamlin due to ankle injuries, and could have their hands full against the rejuvenated Raiders, who are coming off a huge win over Cincinnati. Bruce Gradkowski will continue to start for Oakland and will hopefully keep the offense fresh and productive.

At 8:20, the Giants fly into Denver to take on the Broncos. Brian Dawkins will continue to provide valuable leadership to the defense and will hopefully help the Broncos to snap a four-game losing streak. The Giants will still be missing linebacker Antonio Pierce and running back Ahmad Bradshaw, but should give the Broncos more than a run for their money.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy that turducken. It should be an entertaining Thanksgiving.