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Winston Justice talks about his new deal

Eagles RT Winston Justice
Eagles RT Winston Justice

Yesterday afternoon, Winston Justice took the stage at the NovaCare complex with GM Tom Heckert to meet the media and talk about his new contract. He spoke about why his play seems to have improved so dramatically this season.

"I just really wanted to make a change," Justice said of his decision to change his off-season schedule. "I really wanted to make a commitment to my work because I really feel that I was put there for a reason. I think that was biggest difference this year is that I really made a dedication to my trade.

"I thought I improved in every aspect, but I also need to improve in every aspect of my game still ... I think my goal is not to be a good or reliable guy, but my goal is to be a great tackle. I think I have a lot more steps for me to take for that."

Tom Heckert said that the team never lost faith in Justice.

"I know everybody talks about the Giants game, but we see him every day in practice," Heckert said. "You look throughout the league and the top left tackles, top right tackles, they get beat. It happens in the NFL. There was never a point where we said this guy can't play. We saw enough on tape in college and enough on tape in practices, in the preseason that we had faith in Winston. I think I mentioned last year, he had to come out and if he got the opportunity to play he had to prove that he could do it and line up against the top guys and be productive and he's done that this year."

According to Les Bowen, Heckert indicated that the new deal meant that the team does see Justice as the long term starter at right tackle. He also refused to answer any questions about Shawn Andrews, saying the "question isn't even relevant right now."

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