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The Linc - Michael Vick, Stacy Andrews, & why the country dislikes the Cowboys

Rich Hofmann: Still time for Vick to prove worth with Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/24/2009
As it stands today, the whole thing has not been worth the aggravation. But there is time, and there has been a glimmer. For about the last 5 years, these have been the weeks when the Eagles as a team have defined themselves. It is the same thing with Michael Vick. Now, we'll see. *

How I See It: NFC East Stock Watch - NFC East Blog - ESPN
LeSean McCoy, Donovan McNabb, & Desean Jackson

The Real McCoy: Shady's Breakthrough Game
In every player’s career, there are breakthrough games. For LeSean McCoy, Sunday’s 24-20 win in Chicago was one of those games.

Eagles coach Reid cites knee injury for Stacy Andrews' deactivation | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/24/2009
"We knew with Stacy's knee there was going to be that first year back after knee surgery is a tough thing, especially as late as he had it. This isn't anything on Stacy's will or knowledge or any of that, it's just to plant that leg and feel comfortable with it, it goes in cycles a little bit. He'll be back in there."

More after the jump, including m recent contributions to the Washington Post. The best IMO, is my take on why people hate the Cowboys so much...

The League Panelists: Philadelphia Eagles fans hate Dallas Cowboys bandwagon fans most in the NFL according to Bleeding Green blogger - Jason Brewer
The legions of soulless, bandwagon Cowboys fans, scattered across America, make Dallas that much more repugnant.

The League Panelists: The NFC East still a strong division in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants still strong - Jason Brewer
The worst division in football this year is the same one it's been for several years. The NFC West.

CBS wouldn't replay this gruesome leg injury - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
NFL history is littered with nauseating injuries. Joe Theismann. Napoleon McCallum. Ed McCaffrey. Don't click any of those. They're all just nasty (and yet, perfectly preserved on YouTube forever). Today, another such injury was added to the list. Eric Wood(notes), a promising rookie lineman for the Buffalo Bills, suffered an injury just as sickening as any of those listed above.

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