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Eagles sign Winston Justice to 4 year extension

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With the Eagles offense line in constant flux this year, one of the few constants has come from probably the most surprising place. Once written off as a second round bust, Winston Justice took over the starting RT job when Shawn Andrews was unable to start the season and has spent the season changing the minds of fans and generally redeeming himself. Today, the Eagles rewarded him with a 4 year extension.

The Eagles have signed right tackle Winston Justice to a four-year contract extension through 2013. Justice's rookie contract was due to expire at season's end.

It's interesting that the contract came just a few days after what called his "best performance of the season."

I don't know what got in to Justice, but he was an absolute beast in the run game. By far his best performance of the season in that area, and I don't even think it's close. Great block on Vick’s 34-yard run and several others, including McCoy's 3rd-and-1 conversion in the third. Not just adequate. He was taking guys to the ground. In the pass game, he was solid as usual. Really one of the great stories on this team this season.

One has to wonder what this means about the Eagles' future expectations of Shawn Andrews. If they've decided Winston Justice is their guy at RT, Peters is the guy LT, Herremans is entrenched at LG... Shawn Andrews doesn't play center... So it appears if he does get another shot next year it's at RG or nothing. With Stacy Andrews due a large amount of guarantees if he's on the team next year, it looks like it will be one Andrews or the other. Or neither I guess...

Regardless, today isn't about Shawn Andrews. It's about Winston Justice. What a great story of redemption, hard work, self belief, perseverance. He still has learning to do and will get better, but so far I'm very impressed with what he's accomplished this year. Congratulations.

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