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What they're saying - Eagles beat Bears

LeSean McCoy talked about what his TD meant to his confidence

"In terms of my confidence, it definitely boosted it. Having the opportunity to make a play, even after a mistake, it was awesome. It's also on the shoulders of the line. There was some excellent blocking to make some room for us."

Donovan McNabb was asked what he said to Jay Cutler after the game

"I got a chance to talk to Jay a little bit. What we talked about, we are going to keep between us. It's a fraternity of the quarterbacks. I've been through a different situation, but somewhat similar to what he is going through right now. I will continue to provide confidence for him and let him know that he's not the only one who has been through a situation like this. Everyone's been through a situation where you struggle a little bit, but he will bounce back."

Andy Reid talked about what the win meant

"We haven't had a lot of luck in the close games. This time, the guys battled through. They really weren't worrying about what was happening, and just keep banging on. I am proud of them for that. The coaches never got down and they kept pushing. I thought the coordinators did a nice job. Ted Daisher (special teams) really had to deal with a tough card, having to deal with Devin Hester and Johnny Knox."

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Jason Peters talked about re-injuring his ankle during the game

I rolled it," Peters said. "I just kept going. I tried not to think about it."

"Brown was getting off the rock," he said of Brown's quickness. "I was late off the ball. But man, when I'm healthy, nobody can beat me."

Sheldon Brown talked about his gutty performance playing with an injured hamstring

"Troy Vincent would be proud of me," Brown said. "I’ve seen him play with some wraps and bandages and all kinds of stuff. I looked up to Troy in a lot of ways and this was one of the ways he always taught me – sometimes you’re not going to feel 100 percent, but you have to put it in your mind that you can get it done and you just have to play smart, play to the defense’s strength. You can’t gamble as much as I would like to, but you play smart you can get through."

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