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The Linc - Eagles win over Bears

TD redeems Eagles' McCoy | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/23/2009
LeSean McCoy failed and redeemed himself all in one quarter as the Eagles rallied to beat the Bears, 24-20, last night at Soldier Field.

Bears' Jay Cutler misses targets vs Eagles | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/23/2009
The Chicago Bears' receivers did not wear glow-in-the-dark numbers to help Jay Cutler spot them. Cutler did not walk onto Soldier Field wearing night-vision goggles, as plenty of Bears fans had suggested all week.

Eagles' Peters aggravates ankle injury but plays on | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/23/2009
Jason Peters, the offseason upgrade at left tackle, returned after a week off dealing with his ankle injury. He was leaned on heavily in the Eagles' first drive, which earned them a field goal, and he played flawlessly on that drive, which set the tone for him during the Eagles' first two possessions. The first brought a field goal, the second a touchdown. Then came the third possession, and the play on which he aggravated the ankle injury. He didn't come out. But his play got worse.

Bears look boring, Cutler sharp as a butter knife --
The Big Sleep lasted almost three quarters. As usual, Jay Cutler was feeling around in the dark, not sure who he was or where he was during a night game. All that was missing was a stubbed toe on the dresser.

McNabb excels in play action - NFC East Blog - ESPN

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was brilliant on first down throws and play-action passes in his team's 24-20 win over the Bears Sunday night. According to ESPN Stats & Information, McNabb was 9-of-10 for 115 yards and two touchdowns off play-action. He had a passer rating of 154.2.

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