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The Linc - Eagles vs Bears news, "Ridiculous" penalties, & a Giant injury

Eagles Notebook: Reid says Eagles' penalty situation has gotten 'ridiculous' | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/20/2009
Andy Reid doesn't throw around words like "ridiculous" every day. So when the coach, asked about being fourth in the league in penalty yardage assessed, reached deep into his bag of press conference responses, right past "I have to do a better job putting the players in position to make plays," and "everyone has a little piece of the pie," to "It's ridiculous" - well, you could tell Big Red was a mite peeved.

Week 11 Preview: Eagles (5-4) @ Bears (4-5) - Windy City Gridiron
The Bears get to "show off" once again on national TV Sunday night vs the Eagles. Maybe the rest of the country will learn from last Thursday night's ugliness, and watch something else.

Hugging Harold Reynolds: SI's Andrew Pefloff: McNabb's Not as Good as He's Perceived Nationally
This morning on 610 WIP in Philadelphia, Sports Illustrated's Andrew Perloff defends the McNabb haters' perspective.

NightLinks: Turner Says Cutler's Struggles Aren't Vision-related - Windy City Gridiron
In what has been a hot topic for both main-stream media and small football blogs, offensive coordinator Ron Turner addresses the speculation that Jay Cutler's struggles this year could be sight-related.

Antonio Pierce out indefinitely - Big Blue View
Giants middle linebacker Antonio Pierce was diagnosed with a bulging disc in his neck this afternoon and will be sidelined indefinitely, according to the team’s medical staff.

NFL Week 11 Power Rankings: Colts Back On Top, San Diego Makes A Charge - SB Nation
The Colts and Saints continue their stranglehold on the top two spots of SB Nation's NFL power rankings, while a few fresh faces populate the top ten.

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