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What they're saying - Eagles over Giants

Andy Reid was asked whether he had planned to give Leonard Weaver as many carries as he got

"We did. We really weren't sure about (RB) Brian (Westbrook). As the week went on, one day he was feeling pretty good, but then he'd wake up and he wasn't feeling too good. I wasn't sure exactly during the week whether (Westbrook) was going to be able to go or not, but we had Weaver ready just in case. Actually we thought that we might be able to get (RB Eldra) Buckley a couple of carries, but as it worked out, it wasn't until the end that we were able to do that. We thought we could mix it up a little bit if Brian (Westbrook) wasn't able to go."

That was news to Weaver

"It was kind of a shock at first," Weaver said. "During the week, I really didn't run the ball. It felt good to know that Andy Reid and [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] would trust me in that way and trust me enough to give it to me a couple times."

Giants LB Antonio Pierce summed things up well from a Giants' perspective

"It's a complete embarrassment and disappointment," said linebacker Antonio Pierce after the game. "We didn't tackle, we gave up big plays, we didn't cover. We're not communicating. We all have to look at each other in the mirror and we all have to make a change, because what we're doing right now is not working."

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Eli Manning on Asante Samuel's interception

"He just jumped it. He's an aggressive player and he jumps some things. On that route, I went to the right place [and] threw to the right read. I've just got to see him. He's on a tight end, he's going to cheat. Whether he just knew the route was coming or just read my body or just read the tight end's route… Just knowing, 'Hey, I've got a tight end here, I can try to jump this route.' And so he jumped it. I saw it late, and he made a play."

Ellis Hobbs had his best game returning kicks so far in an Eagles uniform. He talked about the value of strong special teams.

"(They can) help the momentum swing. When you look over to the sideline and you see the opposing team just drop and the coach is over there trying to clap everybody up and get them going for the specific reason of, it takes the breath out of you. (It's) almost like getting side punched, you know you don't see it coming because on special teams you think everything is supposed to happen naturally. Tackle the man and then the defense or offense comes out, but when a big play happens it kind of takes the life out of you a little bit and kind of makes you fumble a little bit. We did a good job making them fumble today."

Darren Howard on whether he thought the Giants were surprised by what transpired.

Maybe a little bit. It's definitely not the Giants to think that they would come in and give up 40 points on defense. Definitely I think they are shocked and they now have some things to work out and we have to go up there and play them again, so I'm looking forward to that rematch."

Giants Coach Tom Coughlin explained(tried to at least) his puzzling use of timeouts in the waning moments of the blowout.

"My belief is that you have to use whatever you've got, whatever your tools are, you use them. Message to my team: we're going to fight to the very end and that's all there is to it."

LeSean McCoy talked about his big TD run.

Lately, when I have been running, I have been stuttering a little bit and (RB) Brian (Westbrook) has been coaching me up to just hit the hole and make my move down the field. I just hit it and the line opened up a huge hole. The line played great today. They gave me options; I took it and outran the defense."

Quintin Mikell talked about the defense's plan coming into the game

"I think the main thing we needed to do was stop the run game. Their whole offense is based off the run, so stop the run. We did a good job with that and then we got after (Giants QB) Eli (Manning)."

Finally, Donovan McNabb talked about big plays.

"Well, offensively it's always big when you can spread it around. I think being able to establish the run game and the screen game opens up a lot of things, and the play action game and the drop back game and vice versa. I thought today we were very balanced, (and had) a way of attacking their defense, knowing that they like to blitz at times. They'll sit back in the zone to challenge you to see what you're doing. We were able to pick up big plays all throughout the drives, which led to touchdowns for us."

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