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The Linc - Head injuries, penalties, and complaining Giants

We have to play AWAY games?! Are you F@$%ing serious!?
We have to play AWAY games?! Are you F@$%ing serious!?

Football, dogfighting, and brain damage : The New Yorker
Neuropathologists examining the brains of ex-N.F.L. players have found trauma-related degeneration.

Westbrook to visit Pittsburgh specialists | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/17/2009
Brian Westbrook will visit with two concussion specialists tomorrow in Pittsburgh, according to the Eagles.

Penalties again a problem for Eagles | Philly | 11/15/2009
The Eagles were called for nine penalties, totaling 70 yards. The breakdown was: four on defense, three on special teams and two on offense.

Penalty! Unnecessary Blandness! Redesigning the Worst NFL Helmet Graphics | Yes to Less | Fast Company
Today's high-tech helmet with its wireless headset and polycarbonate visor has come a long way from the padded leather ones of yesterday. It not only serves its essential protective function but is also a gleaming sign for a team's brand. Yet in many cases the graphics are blunt and formulaic, usually involving slapping the team's primary logo on both sides of the helmet.

Giants owner complains to NFL about playing on Thanksgiving - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
John Mara will apparently be having some whine with his Thanksgiving dinner.

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Rich Hofmann: As usual, red-zone woes costly for Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/16/2009
It has played on a seemingly endless loop for years now, the same song. The Eagles get down near the goal line and they cannot cash. They lack physicality and cannot get a yard on the ground when they need it. They lack the big outside target and cannot convince the quarterback that anybody else can make an athletic play in a tight spot. Over and over it plays then, slowly, mournfully, forever: the red-zone blues.

Dave Schultz, The Player Who Defined An Era - Broad Street Hockey
Dave Schultz defined the glory days of Flyers hockey. He'll be inducted into the team's hall of fame tonight.

Metro - Season of giving in tame NFC East
Forget the Colts, Bengals and Vikings. The Giants actually had the best result in Week 10, and they didn’t even take the field.

The Sports Network - National Football League
The Dallas Cowboys were once again able to stop the snowballing hype machine that inevitably followed the current NFC East leaders' recent run of success, in much the same way that the team's offense was shut down by the Green Bay Packers in Sunday's 17-7 loss at historic Lambeau Field.

Common theme arises in Eagles' losses | AP | 11/16/2009
An inability to run the ball effectively, score touchdowns in the red zone and convert short-yardage situations cost the Philadelphia Eagles again.  Defense failing at critical times
Two weeks in a row, the Eagles' defense faced a critical situation. The Eagles needed a stop to have a shot at winning the game. Two weeks in a row, the defense failed.

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