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The Linc - Local media weighs on Brian Westbrook injury

After Concussion, Westbrook Faces Big Decisions
What should Westbrook do? The Eagles star running back has sustained two concussions in four weeks. He finished Sunday’s game on the sidelines staring blankly onto the field. The question is not when will he return but should he? What is the risk? Is it worth it?

Sam Donnellon: Westbrook should retire before another concussion | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/17/2009
I AM NOT a neurologist, nor do I play one in print or on television. But if "the No. 1 thing is Brian's health," as Andy Reid said yesterday, then there really is only one thing for Brian Westbrook to do: Retire. Immediately.

Phil Sheridan: Shut Westbrook down for season | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/17/2009
Maybe it is premature to write an elegy to Westbrook's career. Frankly, I hope it is. Maybe if he shuts it down for 2009 and rests his body - from his jostled brain to his knees to his chronically sore ankles - there's a chance for him to heal completely and regain that spark. Maybe.

Decision awaiting Westbrook | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/17/2009
Now the decisions become far more difficult for Brian Westbrook and the Eagles. After suffering his second concussion in as many games over three weeks, the veteran running back must decide what risk he is willing to take to continue his NFL career.

Phil Sheridan: With no Westbrook, it’s time for a youth movement | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/16/2009
The future of the Eagles offense is here, whether you (or they) are ready or not.

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