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Andy Reid addresses Brian Westbrook's concussion

Unfortunately, Andy didn't have much to say...

"We’re going to do everything the right way, and take every precautionary measure to make sure Brian’s OK," Reid told reporters. "In these types of situations, football is secondary. You have to look out for this kid for his future and make sure he is OK before he gets back out there."

Jeff McClane from the Inky noted the play where Westbrook was hit.

Reid said it's "too early" to decide if Westbrook is done for the season. He suffered the blow in the third quarter on a screen play in which he was sandwiched in between a block by Jason Avant and a Chargers defender.

Both Andy Reid & Donovan McNabb stressed that in these situations football in secondary. Head injuries are very serious and obviously their chief concern isn't whether Westbrook can play again this year, it's whether his future health could be affected.

So what's your gut feeling on the situation?

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