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Philadelphia Eagles Week 10 Odds

We have our weekly set of Eagles related odds from Bodog.

Will the Philadelphia Eagles make the playoffs this Season?

Yes                  +110

No                    -150

Who will have the most Receiving Yards in the 2009 NFL Regular Season?

DeSean Jackson            20/1

Who will have the most Sacks in the 2009 NFL Regular Season?

Trent Cole                     7/1

What do you think would a smart play?

Which team will Michael Vick be on for Week 1 of the 2010 NFL Regular Season?

Buffalo                            2/1

Cleveland                        5/1

Washington                     5/1

St. Louis                         5/1

Oakland                          15/2

Carolina                          10/1

San Francisco                 15/1

Field (Any Other Team)   Even

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