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Jon Runyan wants to run for congress

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Yesterday, former Eagle Jon Runyan confirmed via a press release that he's considering a run for congress in South Jersey.

"I am seriously considering becoming a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey's 3rd Congressional District. Our great country is headed in the wrong direction, and it’s clearer every day that career politicians are incapable of solving the problems we face.

I am grateful for the tremendous support and encouragement I have received while talking to people throughout South Jersey about running for Congress and I look forward to having more to say on this subject in the weeks ahead."

I have to say... I hope he doesn't do this. Everyone in our area likes big Jon now, but as soon as he inevitably joins some party half of everyone will hate him. He'll cease to be the personable, fun guy we've all come to know. If you don't believe that... just re-read that antiseptic press release, did that sound like Jon Runyan to you? Not really...

Plus, you just know we'll be hearing corny lines like "I'm going to protect our country's blind side!"  I also have to wonder how good of a politician he'd actually make. From what I remember his biggest issue was trying to get Andy Reid to run the ball more... needles to say he was unable to influence the guy in charge. I kid... but seriously don't do Jon.

Now if Runyan does insist on running, maybe we can get Michael Strahan to run against him. Get the old rivalry started up again...

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