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Poll: Who is the worst team in the NFL?

A quick look at the Eagles' upcoming opponents will tell you just why this poll is relevant. I don't mean it to make fun or talk trash to these teams, but I think there's little doubt that the current 3 game stretch the Eagles are in will be the three games they're most favored to win all year. The Chiefs, Bucs, & Raiders have one win between them and that's only because the Raiders beat the Chiefs... Let's also not forget that the Panthers are currently winless. So aside from the Saints, the early part of the Eagles schedule really couldn't get any easier.

This is the part of the schedule where you get to pad your win totals. Maybe if we can run off a few wins here early, we won't need another December miracle to get us into the postseason? That would be nice...

So who is the worst team in the NFL right now?

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