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Favre-Bowl open thread

The ESPN crew is nearly drowning in a giant pool of slobber as they drool over Brett Favre. I expect the platitudes will continue all night no matter how good or bad the guy plays... but what's new?

Still, as annoying as the over the top man-love for Favre ESPN has, tonight should be a really great game. Packers v Vikings is a great rivalry between two good teams. Add in the drama of Favre and I'm excited to watch this one. Imagine Donovan McNabb winning a superbowl here than leaving years later only to come back as a member of the Cowboys? That would be crazy! So while tonight's game won't be as crazy as when they play in Lambeau, it should be a fun football game to watch.

I rarely ever do an open thread for non-Eagles games, but I think this one is going to be worth chatting about.

And go Packers.

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