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Eagles/Giants Red Zone Report

This look at the Eagles' Red Zone performance is brought to you by Comcast and the new NFL Red Zone channel

Normally, I do these red zone reports much earlier in the week as a look back at how the Eagles performed inside the 20s... Problem was, the Eagles never got into the red zone last week. Their points came off defensive TDs, big plays, and longer field goals.

Zero for Zero...

So rather than focus on the Eagles, I figured I'd use this space to point out how poor the Giants are faring in the red zone so far this year. Their defense is ranked dead last in the NFL and their offense is 27th in red zone efficiency. Hopefully those will be weakness the Eagles can exploit. For an explanation of why the Giants defense specifically has been struggling, I reached out earlier this week to Ed at the Giants blog Big Blue View

It's really an interesting question. I know Tom Coughlin talked about it this week, and he doesn't have an answer. It really comes down to this -- the Giants are No. 1 in the league on defense in terms of yards allowed per game at 262. But, they really have not been that good. The better teams have been able to exploit the Giants weaknesses. First and foremost that means finding safety C.C. Brown -- Phillips' replacement -- and throwing the ball at him. He is horrific in coverage, if you can call what he does coverage. Of more concern, though, is the defensive line. The Giants are trying to pressure with four quite often, and that group is under-achieving. So, I don't think the problem is specific to the red zone. I think the red zone numbers show you that this defense has not been as dominant as its reputation, and ranking, might lead you to believe.

Read the full interview here.

Comcast is carrying the new NFL Red Zone channel.

NFL Red Zone lets you follow all the red zone action on NFL Sunday as it happens. When a team gets inside the twenty, the network cuts to that game. Not only is this cool for any big NFL fan, it would be awesome for out of market Eagles fans that can't watch the games. You're essentially getting the best parts of every Eagles game live for only a couple bucks a month as opposed to having to shell out the several hundred bucks for the NFL ticket.

We all love big plays... but let's all hope that this week the Eagles make a few more appearances on the NFL Red Zone channel than they have in weeks passed...

They don't ever break for commercials and the action literally never stops. They don't just limit it to red zone trips either... I was watching last weekend and they would show any game live if no team happened to be in the red zone. This is probably the best thing ever invented for an NFL fan that's looking for something to flip to when the Eagles game goes to commercials...

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