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Whatever happened to parity in the NFL?

This year, seemingly more than any other recent year, there's an extraordinary amount of really bad teams in the NFL. I figured we could take a quick look around the NFL at some franchises who are much worse off than us.

Parity Shmarity in the NFL - Inhistoric
There is a huge difference between the best and the worst in the NFL. But is that necessarily a bad thing?

Next Sunday's matchup between the Rams and the Detroit Lions will be one for the history books (no,... - Turf Show Times
Next Sunday's matchup between the Rams and the Detroit Lions will be one for the history books (no, seriously). Both teams have lost 17 of 18 games and 25 of their last 27. And if the Rams go 0-16, and it would make this game the only matchup in NFL history between a team coming off a win-less season and a team on its way to a win-less season.

The Revolution - David Donovan Speaks to Hogs Haven About Ticketgate and State of the Redskins - Hogs Haven
The Redskins appear to be in all out war with their fans. Their COO was a guest on Hogs Haven to try and cool the flames.

Tennessee Titans to Start Vince Young at QB against the Jaguars - Music City Miracles
Titans fans aren't expecting much as their teams turns back to Vince Young...

Parity is over… Thank God |
One of the most annoying things in the NFL over the past few seasons has to have been the word “parity” being loosely thrown around in the vernacular of all NFL analysts and announcers.

Browns fans to protest the ongoing Browns-ness of the Browns - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
An empty stadium at kickoff would make quite a statement.

Tatum Bell Thinks His UFL Team Would Handily Beat Tampa Bay -- NFL FanHouse
Michael Pittman, a running back for the Tuskers who used to play for the Bucs, said something about how some of his teammates probably thought they could beat the Bucs. Bell immediately said he was one of them.

Chase for Perfection/Imperfection: Week 7 (The Magnificent Seven) - Inhistoric
There are five teams in action this week with a shot at continuing their perfect -- or imperfect -- records. Can all five keep it up?

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