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Eagles win over Redskins - What they're saying

The Redskins' $100 million man Albert Haynesworth sounded despondent

You can say but so much. You've got to actually want to.Once we get to that point where we want to do something, then we'll be something. If we keep going our separate ways, we just keep getting slaughtered like we have..

There's some more sad stuff from Haynesworth after the jump.

Redskins' CB DeAngelo Hall sounded critical of the teams' management.

"We're not built to come from behind," Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall admitted.

Desean Jackson talked about his huge performance.

"On the first one, on the first drive – it was really a blessing to be able to be put in certain positions to take advantage of the defense with my speed. I looked up the field and saw nothing but green grass. Jeremy [Maclin] did a great job 50 yards down the field blocking. I just did what I could to get to the end zone. On the second touchdown it was a third and long versus a pretty good corner in Carlos Rogers. It was a double-move and I went one step in on the in and he bit. I just went up the field and Donovan [McNabb] put it out there."

Newest Eagle Will Witherspoon talked about his pick 6 in the first quarter.

"It's a great feeling any time you get a chance to put your hands on the ball, especially if you get a chance to score.  For the first game, with a new team, for me it puts the stamp on it by saying, 'Hey, this is exactly what I want to bring to this team, and this is exactly who I want to be.'

Albert Haynesworth's words after the game were just sad to read. Not the most inspirational guy in the NFL...

"I mean, this is one of the most talented teams I've been on, and just not to get it done is ... I dunno, shocking. And whatever happened, you go out there and play hard and then nothing really happens, you don't get a spark. I mean, the fans are losing interest -- the more games we play, the fewer the fans come. It's just gettin' ... it's gettin' bad. This bye week [is] comin' at a good time right now. Maybe we can come back and come back as a new team."

"I'm feelin' lost, like I don't know which way to turn right now. Maybe this time off and go back to Tennnesee and hang out with my kids that I haven't seen for a while and ... just kinda figure out what we gotta do."

He is right though...

Andy Reid talked about the offensive line.

"I think it was good to get everybody back in there – to get Todd (Herremans) back in there and (Jason) Peters back in there. They made it through the game. That's a good thing. We won't get any worse. We will keep getting better as we go. Stacey (Andrews) had some good downs in there so I'm optimistic about that crew. It comes at a good time as we hit the NFC East here."

LeSean McCoy on his reaction to Brian Westbrook's injury

"It was scary. Any player who is down for that long, you are kind of worried. Especially, with the relationship I have with him. I was more worried about his condition and how he is feeling then getting out there and playing. Hopefully we get him back. He looked fine when he came back in here. We hope he is ready to roll."

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