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Gameday Lincs - Eagles at Redskins

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MNF preview: Bill Cowher says Redskins' Jim Zorn has 'lost his ability to be a head coach' - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL -
"When he was faced this past week with the stripping of the play-calling, he had two choices: No. 1 you say no, and that could lead to his firing; or No. 2 you can say, if that's part of the contract and they can do that, you accept it, you leave the room and endorse it. He didn't do either. And in doing so, he lost his dignity and he lost his credibility. To me, he lost his ability to be a head coach and lead this football team. He's nothing more than a figure head right now."

Les Bowen: Eagles' DeSean Jackson uses last year's game vs. Redskins as motivation | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/26/2009
"The type of receiver I see myself as, I critique myself about every little thing," Jackson said the other day. "For that to be a big game for us last year . . . I wasn't myself. I didn't come up like I needed to. I've erased that and got a new opportunity this year; I'm ready. Last year wasn't the best game for myself, so I definitely look forward to this game. They got some pretty good corners, too; it's definitely a big challenge."

Didinger's Scouting Report: Eagles-Redskins
Ray Diddy breaks down Eagles-Redskins

Is it ever acceptable to root against your favorite football team? - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Will Redskins fans be rooting against their team tonight?

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Redskins Insider - Zorn describes his sideline role
"It's going to be very easy," Zorn said. "Here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to support the guy calling plays. And then in between the series, we'll be communicating and I'll be communicating to him, and then we'll start working on the plan for the next series. I'll be talking to the players. There's a lot to do. I'll be attentive to what I have to do while our offense is on the sideline. Because when you're a play-caller, you're concentrating. ... I'm just going to keep quiet" about play-calling.

NFL Preview - Philadelphia (3-2) At Washington (2-4) - Sports News Story - KVVU Las Vegas
From the perspective of an outsider, the Washington Redskins look like a dysfunctional mess. If Jim Zorn's team wishes to reverse that perception, a nationally-televised Monday night tilt against the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles would be the perfect opportunity to prove those observers wrong.

Bob Ford: Westbrook's reality has been losing touches | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/26/2009
As Brian Westbrook returns home to suburban Washington to play the Redskins on Monday Night Football, he is quickly becoming an afterthought in the Eagles' offense.

For years, the only thing the Redskins could count on is change | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/26/2009
Over the last decade, the Washington Redskins have employed six head coaches. Since 1999, the Redskins have burned through more than a half-dozen "No. 1" quarterbacks. None started more than 42 games. - Philly Sports & Minutiae: Jay-Z and the Philly Sports Scene
Jay-Z headlined a big show down at the Wachovia Center Friday night, with a few Philly athletes including Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, J-Roll, and Michael Vick hanging backstage according to Dan Gross. Vick even had a song dedicated to him on stage—"99 Problems."

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