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This headline appears to be a bit misleading...

I didn't go to journalism school and I'm not employed by a newspaper, but there seems to be something wrong here. Geoff Mosher's article is provocatively titled, SAMUEL: I'M NOT PAID TO TACKLE. Now, to me that appears as though Asante Samuel told a reporter that he doesn't get paid to tackle. However, in that same article we find that what he said was this...

"I didn’t get signed here because I was a great tackler," Samuel said. "Everbody saw my film [before he was signed]."

So shouldn't the headline be Samuel: I didn’t get signed here because I was a great tackler?

But what do I know?

As for Asante Samuel and his "tackling" I'm kind of perplexed at my own reaction. I got a kick out of what Asante said. Obviously you always want the guy to say how he'll do better and acknowledge that he's struggled... He did kind of do that saying "I work hard on my tackling every day." But for some reason I found Samuel's rather brash statement funny.

It's probably funny because it's true. He wasn't signed here to be a great tackler and we all have seen his film. He is who he is. He's picking off passes at a fairly ridiculous rate so far and he's left a lot to be desired in the tackling department. That's the kind of player he's always been.

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