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Eagles Red Zone Report: Week 6

This look at the Eagles' Red Zone performance is brought to you by Comcast and the new NFL Red Zone channel

Although I'm loathed to look back at last week's debacle at all, it's time we take a look at the Eagles' red zone performance. Like, everything they did last week it was pretty terrible. The Eagles reached the red zone just once in the ENTIRE game. Once!

The first play from inside the red zone was a 3rd and 3 from the Oakland 19. A quick 4 yard pass to Desean Jackson resulted in a first down at the 15. Then it went downhill... The Eagles were flagged for a 5 yard penalty the next play which backed them up to the Oakland 20, where McNabb was then sacked on the ensuing play. One incompletion later and David Akers kicked a 43 yard FG.

So one trip to the red zone resulted in 3 points. Dismal.

Quick story about the awesomeness of the NFL Redzone channel on Comcast.As you may know NFL Red Zone lets you follow all the red zone action on NFL Sunday as it happens. When a team gets inside the twenty, the network cuts to that game live.

So last weekend the national game in the Philly area was Vikings vs Ravens, a good game in it's own right. But no doubt, the game we all probably wanted watch was Giants vs Saints. Every time the score scrolled by it seemed like the Saints were scoring again. How awesome would have been to revel in the Giants misery as they scored on again and again and again... Well, anyone who had NFL Red Zone on Comcast did get that sweet schadenfreude. Every time the Saints got inside the Giants' twenty, Red Zone would cut to the game for inevitable Saints' TD.

Watching your rivals lose is almost as fun as watching your team win. Yet another reason why NFL Red Zone on comcast is cool...

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