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The Linc - Are the Redskins the worst run franchise in sports?

Skins the worst-run franchise in sports? - NFC East - ESPN
The Skins are an organization on the brink, and who knows what will happen next. There have been reports this week that former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan was offered the head-coaching position, but he declined because he didn't feel like the current situation was conducive to turning the team around.

Owens' star has drastically fallen in Buffalo - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
"He’s hit the wall," the AFC executive said. "I think he has. I think it’s done or close to it. He’ll have a couple of games here and there where he shows up, but big picture, long term, I think it’s done." That was an opinion echoed by multiple front-office executives contacted by Yahoo! Sports this week

The Fightins " Quite Possibly The Greatest Thing Ever
A little late with it, but I laughed out loud at this....

NFC East Underachiever: Albert Haynesworth - NFC East - ESPN
Unfortunately, there are plenty of candidates in what was once (three weeks ago) regarded as the top division in the league. But Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth receives the dubious distinction based on the insane amount of money he's receiving. For $41 million guaranteed, I think you'd like to see him make more of a difference.

The Rams' perspective on the Witherspoon trade - NFC East - ESPN
I don't think you'll find anyone in St. Louis who will speak poorly of new Eagles linebacker Will Witherspoon, but the folks who cover the Rams for a living seem generally pleased with Tuesday's trade for wide receiver Brandon Gibson and a fifth-round pick in 2010.

GROWN-UPS SUCK AT VIDEO GAMES | With Leather - Sports news and gossip, panda sex, and the occasional Toonces the driving cat Photoshop
Here’s a guy on a home-shopping-type show trying to espouse the benefits of owning a Nintendo Wii. What benefits, you ask? Oh, like smashing the front of your flat-screen TV.

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