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Follow today's action on Sprint NFL mobile live

Gamedays here on BGN are brought to you by Sprint and their NFL mobile live service.

Quick story about something really cool I discovered about the service. Last week, I checked my phone about a half hour or so after the Eagles/Bucs game ended and found that the full highlights of the game complete with Merrill Reese commentary were already on NFL Mobile Live! Getting the highlights on my phone that fast was cool enough, but getting Merrill's commentary rather the national guys was really cool. Within a few hours the service also had highlight packages of all Jeremy Maclin plays and all of of Donovan McNabb's plays. Impressive.

Sprint is also giving 17 trips to this years superbowl. All you've got to do be registered is click here and vote each week on what you think was the "Can't Miss Play of the Week."  Every time you vote, you are entered for a chance to win one of those 17 Super Bowl trips.

After the jump I stole borrowed a great video done by our pals at the Steelers blog Behind the Steel Curtain which illustrates everything the NFL mobile live service does.

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