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Jeff Garcia talks about the Raiders

Earlier this month, Jeff Garcia(who has played for both Oakland & Philly this year) shared his thoughts on the Raiders as a team and on their QB Jamarcus Russell.

His thoughts were not pretty. First on Russell.

"I just feel like it's an unfortunate situation when the entire work ethic and the entire goal of the team is really put upon one guy's shoulder who really isn't maybe ready for that situation or ready to take on that sort of responsibility," Garcia said.  "And I'm not saying JaMarcus can never be that guy.  It's just right now he's still young, he has a lot of growth that needs to take place within himself from a mental standpoint and a physical standpoint.  Yeah, the guy's extremely talented. . . .  When you put him on the field in a one-on-one workout session he'll make every throw for you, but when it comes down to making things happen in the heat of the battle and rallying the troops around you and making a case for the team, that's where maybe things aren't where they need to be. 

When Garcia gave this interview, some may have written it off as the bitter rants of a guy that was passed over in favor of Russell for the starting job in Oakland... but since that time it's hard to argue with Garcia's assessment. He went on to talk about the Raiders as a team, saying things that sounded eerily familiar to what Brandon Jacobs said this week.

"It was to a point where I felt like guys who walked through those doors that just were there to collect a check and not really interested in putting everything that they had withing themselves on to the football field," Garcia said.  "And that was the frustrating thing for me to see.  There were a lot of good young guys in that locker room who really want to do whatever it takes to win, but unfortunately it's not everybody.

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