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The Linc - Cross parking lot pals

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<a href="" target="new">Pic from Broad Street Hockey</a>
Pic from Broad Street Hockey

Flyers attend Eagles game - 10/12/2009 - Philadelphia Flyers - Media Gallery
The Philadelphia Flyers visited their cross parking lot pals

Max Jean-Gilles Official Website | Getting Back on Track
As a team we gave up 3 sacks this past weekend, but none of them were against me. I feel that I am improving with each start and getting better from game to game.

Center stage for rematch - JSOnline
It's impossible to imagine a time in the future when a game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles is taken off the top line of the marquee on national television and replaced by a Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers game. But that's exactly what the National Football League, at the urging of Fox Sports, did Tuesday...

Philadelphia Eagles, 76ers Using Unequal Technologies' Insoles in '09; First Product in Sporting Goods Industry to Use Kevlar as Shock Suppressant | Reuters
The latest game-changing tactic in the Philadelphia Eagles and 76ers playbook is military-grade technology to protect the players' feet.

NFL's Philadelphia Eagles to Assist Animal Welfare Groups
"I really just want to thank the groups that have worked with us to create this program," Eagles President Joe Banner said at a news conference. Though they disagreed with Vick's signing, he said, they "reacted to it in a very constructive way and with us are committed to trying to use this to make a positive difference."

More after the jump including a to do list for the Eagles, power ranks, and why Vick didn't go to the Raiders.

A to-do list for the Philadelphia Eagles |
As this Eagles season continues on with the weekly beatings of bad teams and the one loss to a good team, there are some concerns the team needs to address sooner rather than later.

New Orleans Saints, New York Giants lead NFL Power Rankings - Don Banks -
The Eagles are back in the top 10 on the Sports Illustrated power ranks.

Why Vick avoided the Raiders | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/14/2009
"I advised Michael Vick not to go there," Dungy said Sunday on NBC's Football Night in America. "I said, 'Mike, you might be able to start there but that is not a good place for you.' "

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