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The Linc - Eagles v Giants moved & Desean the Decoy?

Giants-Eagles Week 8 Matchup Moved to 1 p.m.
Because of a potential World Series game in Philadelphia, the Eagles’ game against the Giants on Nov. 1 has been moved from 4:15 p.m. to 1 p.m.

DeSean Found New Role Against Bucs: Decoy
The Eagles scored 33 points despite receiving next to nothing from DeSean Jackson, their top receiving threat. Of the three passes thrown his way, Jackson caught one of them – for one yard. Jackson also attempted one rush – and gained nada.

Eagles growing into a balanced team | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/13/2009
Sesame Street teaches that it's nice to share, and Eagles coach Andy Reid, a big bird in his own right, is on board with that philosophy.

Coach's legal limbo only 1 of Raiders' woes | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/13/2009
After watching his team endure yet another blowout loss, Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable said one of the keys to getting his team back on track is to eliminate distractions.

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Les Bowen: The Bottom Line - Lots of targets, one football | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/13/2009
SUDDENLY, ANDY Reid is in the unaccustomed position of having to juggle some big-time offensive talent - and the egos that come with that talent.

System of a (let) down - Buc 'Em
Bucs blog reacts to Sundays' loss.

9/28/2003 - Limbaugh calls McNabb overrated - Inhistoric
Our new sports history site Inhistoric looks back at the Limbaugh/McNabb controversy

Eagles reaching out to animal welfare groups - NFC East - ESPN
Eagles owner Jeff Lurie, a noted animal lover, vowed that the signing of Michael Vick would eventually be a positive thing for the community. On Monday, the Eagles unveiled a new program called TAWK, which stands for Treating Animals With Kindness.

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