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Around the NFC East: week 5

Time for another check in on our rivals around the NFC East after week 5 in the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys won an overtime game on the road against the winless Chiefs that probably raised more questions than answers for them. For now, Dallas fans are happy with any win no matter how ugly. They're hoping the bye week they have coming up will help fix some of their problems.

The Giants rolled to a predictable blowout win at home against the pitiful Oakland Raiders. The game didn't tell us too much that we already didn't know about the two teams which the Eagles will face in two of the next 3 weeks. The Giants look really good and the Raiders look absolutely terrible. Giants fans are happy to see the "junior varsity" portion of their schedule over. I think I referred to this part of the Eagles' schedule as "extended preseason." Look at us on our NFC East high horses!

The Redskins are spiraling downward toward that list of the bad teams in the NFL. Jim Zorn's job is likely in serious jeopardy after the Skins blew a 17-2 lead on the road in a loss to the previously winless Carolina Panthers. Washington fans don't have much hope for a turnaround with Hog's Haven saying, "it's clear the Redskins are not just a bad team about to break out, they are a bad team, period." The Eagles play the Skins on Monday night in two weeks.

NFC East Standings

New York Giants 5 0 0 151 71
Philadelphia 3 1 0 127 86
Dallas 3 2 0 122 98
Washington 2 3 0 73 82

(updated 10.12.2009 at 4:13 AM EDT)

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