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What they're saying - Eagles beat Bucs

Jeremy Maclin had his breakout game yesterday in just his second start. He talked about getting his first NFL TD.

"Whenever the ball comes my way, I expect to make a play," Maclin said. "The number of balls that come my way, I have no idea, but you just have to be ready when the ball comes your way. It felt good to get my first NFL touchdown. I still am excited. I'm going to cherish that for sure."
Andy Reid explained why Maclin was able to have so many opportunities.
"You saw them roll to the strong side and play inside-out on DeSean with man coverage and safety help," said head coach Andy Reid after the game. "They were pushing a lot towards the strong side, so we mixed things up a little bit and we were able to utilize some mismatches there with Jeremy because of the coverage."
Jeremiah Trotter made his return to the Eagles and the NFL on Sunday and talked about how he played.
"When I was in there, they were running and passing some. They really didn't move the ball and I just took what they gave me. I had one missed tackle and I think I made one tackle. I was joking with (Joe) Mays, 'I think you made more plays than I did, and you didn't even dress.' I was talking to (Michael) Vick and he said that he felt like he was going to come off the streets and hit the ground running but that's why it's the NFL, it's hard to do."

Trotter also mentioned how happy he was to come out of the tunnel last in pre-game introductions...
It was pretty emotional. I got the word that they were going to introduce me and I was happy. I've always wanted to come out last but when you're playing with Brian Dawkins, you're never going to come out of the tunnel last."
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Buc's coach Raheem Morris said that talent won the day.

"I think it's a really well-coached football team," he said. "We were prepared for all the blitzes, all the looks we'd get. Everything we saw, we knew we would get. Any time you put yourself in position to have double-teams on guys, and their guys make plays, it means they're a better football team, talentwise.

"We have to find a way to get the talent of some of these teams so we can compete. We've got to get more talent. And we've got to get better play out of our talented guys."

Brian Westbrook talked about whether the lack of running plays made it tough to get into a rhythm

"Anytime that you're expecting to run maybe 30, 35 plays in the first have and you only run almost 20 plays, it's hard to get in the rhythm, especially when you're scoring on long pass plays early on in the series, like we did with (WR) Jeremy (Maclin). So it's definitely hard to get into the rhythm, but you love to score. You love to put points on the board and it's going to be games that we are going to have to battle like that, like we did in the first half. We battled penalties, we battled. Really it's tough for our offense to get into a rhythm when you're like that. But there's going to be games like that and we have to weather those storms as well."

Leonard Weaver was asked whether beating bad teams makes it hard to gauge where the Eagles are at right now

"I hear people say that. But at the same time, this is the NFL. Any one of those teams that are winless can come in and beat a team that is really good. For us, it's a plus, because we came in and showed that we are not going to be deceived by the fact that a team is winless. We are going to come out and focus on doing what we need to do every week."

Darren Howard talked about the good and bad of the defense on Sunday

I think we had too many penalties, we have to get back to fundamentals and our discipline. I think we did a good job at stopping the run. The quarterback got out on us a couple times. We depended a lot on our cornerbacks because we did show a lot of blitz, where we were bringing seven or eight guys, but that shows that we have a lot of confidence in our defensive backs and secondary and they were able to make some catches out there."

Michael Vick talked about his 11 yard run

"Everything broke down. I got a little rush from the left, so I just tried to move a little bit and let it be natural. I still tried to look downfield, but it wasn't there. I was just playing ball and being natural with it, let my instincts take over. That was good for me."

Donovan McNabb talked about how he felt in his first game back

"I felt pretty good. I knew it would kind of be a slow process, didn't think it would happen as fast as it did with that first touchdown. When you step away from the game for a couple weeks, you just want to get into a rhythm and get your feet under you a little bit. Offensively, I thought we did some really good things. Some things, obviously, we've got to clean up, but whenever you look up at the scoreboard and see that you were able to win it, it makes it a lot easier watching film the next day to prepare yourself for the next opponent."

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