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Follow today's action on Sprint NFL mobile live

We've got another great supporter of what we do here at BGN and that is Sprint wireless. They were kind enough to send me a new Palm Pre to check out their NFL mobile Live service, which among others things includes stories from BGN. If you go to the team pages on the NFL mobile live app, you can click SBNation and read pretty much everything we do here at BGN.

As cool as that is, it only scratches the surface of what you can with the NFL mobile live service. You can listen to live radio play by play of Eagles games, watch NFL Network live, as well see highlights from every game throughout the day. It's really an embarrassment of riches for NFL fans and if you're a big fantasy football guy it's absolutely invaluable. You can set alerts for all your players and it will keep you up to date on scoring, injuries, everything you'd want to know about them. That said, my team "The Sports Hernias" are still languishing at .500 in the official BGN fantasy league...

Best part is, it's free for Sprint customers.

Obviously Sprint is a sponsor, but I wouldn't be endorsing the product if it wasn't so impressive. I think anyone who will use/has used the service will back up everything I've said about it. If you are a Sprint customer and have used NFL mobile live, let me know what you think in the comments.

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