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The Linc - Happy trails Jeff Garcia  Garcia enjoyed his brief visit
"I'm definitely glad I came back," Garcia said. "I knew the situation, but it's been great to be around my teammates, a lot of whom were here with me the first time, and a lot of new ones. Just to be a part of this organization again when I had such a great experience here three seasons ago, it meant a lot to me."

Eagles' Vick gets endorsement deal with Nike | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/01/2009
"He's had a long-standing relationship with Nike," Vick's agent, Joel Segal, said in a telephone interview yesterday. "He is looking forward to working with Nike now and in the future."

Crown 'Em: Phillies 10, Astros 3 - The Good Phight
The Phillies wrapped up a third consecutive National League East championship with a 10-3 win over the Astros before adoring fans at Citizens Bank Park.

The Daily Examiner | Update: Jon Runyan Is Bored
Not since 1989 has Runyan gone a season without playing football, until now.

More after the jump including dirty cowboys, sad skins, Phils & Eagles team up, and the wildcat.

The League Panelists: The Wildcat Formation is not the biggest offensive revolution since the West Coast Offense, it is just a running play - Jason Brewer
It's interesting that The League is talking Wildcat this week because I think I came to a realization about it this weekend. At least in the way the Eagles run it.

Why is there so much angst among Skins fans? - NFC East - ESPN
Here's what other teams in the division have done since the Redskins last won an NFC East title. Eagles: five division titles, two wild cards, 10-7 in the playoffs, one NFC title. Giants: Three NFC East titles, three wild cards, 6-5 playoff record, two NFC titles, one Super Bowl title. Cowboys: One NFC title, two wild cards, 0-3 in the playoffs. Redskins: Two wild cards, 1-2 in the playoffs.

Cowboys' Adams fined -- again - NFC East - ESPN
Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams was fined $7,500 for trying to kick Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers in Monday's game. If you're scoring at home, Adams has now been fined a grand total of $25,000 this season.

Phils, Eagles team up to fight breast cancer | News
The Phillies and Eagles announced on Tuesday afternoon a partnership through which the franchises are working together to support the Jefferson Breast Care Center.

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