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McNabb: I want to retire an Eagle


I asked this yesterday and I ask again today, what is left to speculate about?

"I want to retire as an Eagle," McNabb said. I’ve had to answer (these questions) for 20 weeks this year and all last year as well. It’s tiresome but you know what, I’d rather people ask me every year than me be somewhere else and have people ask me how it was in Philly.

"I want to be in Philly. I know when Irving Fryar retired they gave him a motorcycle. Well, I don’t ride motorcycles, but I can drive a car."

McNabb said in the interview that there are talks going on between his agent and the Eagles about a reworking of his contract. Still, this does not sound like a guy that desperately wants out of town. In fact, he sounds quite the opposite. I'm sure the conspiracy theorists will still continue to try and find hidden meaning in everything #5 says... but when do we as fans just take the guy at his word? Could he be any more clear about this?

Oh and he said this again.

"Yes, we need more weapons," he said. "We need more weapons. We need more weapons in all phases of the game."

Yeah, we do.

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