Commercial Troubles

I couldn't help but feel somewhat happy that there are still some open slots for the Super Bowl commercials.  Why?  Because I am trying to tell myself that the rest of the nation is just not that interested in this match-up, and would have much rather preferred a Steelers-Eagles game.

I can't lie - I am trying to console myself because the wounds still have not healed.  So logic is most certainly lost in this argument.   And to be honest -  it takes a serious gut-check to get myself back into the football mood for the Super Bowl once my team gets bounced when they were so close.  Other teams' fans would probably disagree and call me a front runner, but most of those fans haven't watched their team get this close 5 times out of the last 8 years.  I know you fellow Iggles fans can relate.  But the fact remains - it still sucks big time to watch the pre-Super Bowl hype, knowing that our team came so close.... 

Well anyway, I think there's no doubt that the economy is the driving factor in this TV commercial shortage, but..... I will continue to try and deflect all this pain.  And therefore I will pretend to believe that the reason for the low sales is because the nation really wanted the Eagles to be in this game. 

And so did I.