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Banner: They will be back


Yesterday Joe Banner spoke to the Eagles website, last night he talked to Comcast sports net. After the Eagles loss to Arizona, Banner told Derrick Gunn "they say if you keep saying if you do the same thing over and over you’re kind of kidding yourself."

He was asked to clarify that.

"I thought and still think my answer was unambiguous. We thought that was important to clarify it because you don’t want those things to take on a life," Banner said. "The reality is, my view and our view is unambiguous, that we can win a championship with those people, and they will be back. We believe we’re very lucky to have them. The good news is, that’s overwhelmingly the view of our fans. I know it doesn’t always come out that way, but Andy is a heck of a coach."

When Banner says "them" he's referring to Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid. Banner was clear that both would be back for next year.

Joe has't lost sight of the goal however.

"But our ultimate goal is to win a Super Bowl. Their ultimate goal is to win a Super Bowl. And they know the only way to prove that that criticism is isolated but inaccurate is to get on the field and prove it. We all know that. Any criticism I get, Jeff Lurie gets, Andy Reid gets – the only way we can end that is to win a Super Bowl. We’re aspiring to do that. We’re frustrated when we don’t, and these are legitimate questions until we do."

At one point in the inteview, Banner compares Andy Reid to John Madden... It's worth a read.

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