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Lurie reflects on loss

Jeff Lurie gave a pretty extensive interview to the Inky this weekend and touched on quite a few interesting subjects. Nothing on possible moves obviously... but it was an interesting look at how the owner takes these championship game losses.

LURIE: Unfortunately, beating the Giants was a wonderful playoff game and it lasted about 12 hours. When you lose a playoff game, whether it's New Orleans two years ago, when you knew you were going to be able to beat Chicago the next week - that's how I felt - I've been playing that New Orleans game over for the last two years. I'll probably play it less now because I'll play this one. People say, 'If it's that painful, that's not good.' But it is good because if you're really obsessed and, outside of your family and friends, it's your primary passion, the things you love, you feel hurt when you can't have it. If it were not hurtful, all the great moments would be less great.

After reading this article, you can't say that this guy doesn't care. I hear that about Lurie a lot, that he only cares about the bottom line... but the guy seems very genuine to me. He wants to win and he takes these losses as hard as we do.

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