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Two Cardinals fans arrested in burning of McNabb's lawn

At first we thought the vandalism of McNabb's Arizona home was the work of a few stupid kids... It turns out they certainly were stupid, but not kids.

Chandler police arrested two Arizona Cardinals fans who they say burned messages in the front lawn of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb’s Chandler residence a day before the NFC Championship game.

Police were able to track down the pair after they discovered a sticker containing the home address of one of the men on a cardboard sign left in McNabb’s yard.

Rex Michael Perkins, 37, of Chandler, and Ryan Hanlon, 29, of Gilbert, were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage on Sunday after police questioned Perkins about the sign that said: “Go Cards” on one side and “Beat Philly” on the other, Chandler police said.

They literally left their name and address at the scene of the crime! Brilliant...

Thanks to yophillybro for breaking the story in the fanposts, for pictures of these dopes be sure to check it out. One of them even wore his Cardinals hat in his mugshot. What a fan!


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