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News of Eagles Wide Receivers past and present

Good news on the current WR front as Andy Reid said yesterday that Kevin Curtis could return sooner than first thought.

Reid suggested there's a chance Curtis makes it back before the Eagles' Oct. 12 game against San Francisco, the game before the bye week.

"I'm optimistic today that it won't be [longer than a month and a half], but we'll see," Reid said Monday. "The month and a half takes you to about the bye week, so hopefully we can get him back a little sooner."

Curtis, who led the team last season with 1,110 receiving yards to go along with six touchdown catches, echoed his coach's sentiment.

"I might surprise you guys," he said. "I'm definitely ahead of schedule."

Andy has also had good news on Reggie Brown saying he "actually feels pretty good today." I'm guessing that watching Desean Jackson rack up over 100 yards receiving at his position might have helped Reggie's hamstring to heal a bit quicker...



As for WRs of Eagles past... you may remember earlier this offseason when a wrote an editorial titled "It's time to get over TO"

Finally, it sounds like the local media is getting frustrated as well.

The Eagles' next game is at Dallas, and the question was about whether Reid felt he could have done anything differently in the handling of the T.O. situation.

Reid reacted to being asked this better than I would have, which is to say he didn't yell "AIIIEEEE!!" and run out of the NovaCare auditorium waving his arms.

"He's doing great right now," Reid said of Terrell Owens, after declining to serve up one more helping of rehash. "He's happy and he's playing good football, and that's all right."

Here's what I was thinking: It was 3 FREAKING YEARS AGO. The Eagles have played the Cowboys TWICE A YEAR ever since. Do we have to do this every time they play? Forever?

Note to editors: Insert photo of long-dead horse being flogged here.

If we're going to talk about that this week, how about we chew over the draft-day booing of Donovan McNabb in depth one more time? Didn't people here once throw snowballs at Santa or something? I heard that somewhere. Let's discuss!

By the way, Moose Johnston DID bring up the McNabb being booed thing on Sunday. Considering that's a 10 year old story... I fear this TO nonsense may be a long way from over...

Suffice to say, I wholeheartedly agree with Les Bowen...

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