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Desean Jackson set to start against Rams


For the first time in his 10 years as head coach of the Eagles, Andy Reid looks set to start a rookie at WR for the first time. At his press conference yesterday Andy said that Desean Jackson will man the "X" position one side normally filled by Reggie Brown while a few guys will rotate in an out of the Y position other side normally manned by Kevin Curtis. Reggie only had limited participation in practice this week and is day to day at this point. He certainly might play, but it's unlikely we'll be seeing a full game out of Reggie.

For Desean Jackson, everything seems to be going to plan.

"My plan was to come in here and help this team right away," Jackson said yesterday.

Reid was aked how Desean's development so far is comparable to other Eagles rookie WRs of the past

He is going to have an opportunity to play this week, probably a bit more than others did. We'll see. He'll have a great challenge this week because their defense is very active and their corners like to get right up on you and challenge you every play. Even in the zone coverage they are going to be up there challenging you, so this will be good work for him right there.

As he's done all preseason, Donovan McNabb tried to temper expectations for Desean... but this time there seemed to be a little more bite to it.

"Everyone looked to Todd Pinkston to come in and be that guy," the quarterback said. "In his second year, everyone looked at Freddie Mitchell to do the same thing. Any time that we draft a receiver here, since I've been here, everyone expects him to be a world beater."

You can't argue with him... he's right. However, you can't help but hear a little frustration in that statement. Is it because instead of a proven playmaker, McNabb got a rookie? Is it because he was frustrated by the way Mitchell and Pinkston didn't develop? Hard to say, but am I being too sensitive in saying that invoking the names of Mitchell and Pinkston in regards to Jackson is a bit harsh?

Brian Westbrook, on the other hand, had no problem expressing his confidence in the rookie.

"I like seeing that confidence, He has proven what he can do in the preseason and now we need to see that in the regular season. I think he understands the preseason is gone. The regular season is a whole different level than the preseason. He knows what we expect from him."

And finally, what is Jackson's response to teammates that may doubt him?

"I hear [teammates caution that Jackson is just a rookie] and it's motivation, you know, to want to go out there and prove to all the guys here that I can get the job done,'' he said. "When I hear it, I just know I've got some things to be doing.''

That's what you want to hear. Don't be insulted, get motivated to change people's minds. If I know McNabb, he'll be the first guy to praise Jackson when he does prove it on the field.

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