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Sheldon Brown hits out at Drew Rosenhaus


Eagles fans, we may have a little situation brewing...

In his latest youtube video about Lito Sheppard's, status Drew Rosenhaus made some comments that could, in a way be construed as a swipe at Sheldon Brown

Now (Sheppard) has had to deal with the disappointment of the team starting Sheldon Brown and relegating Lito to being the third cornerback on the team," Rosenhaus said on the video. "It is very frustrating for Lito."

Now, like any Eagles fans Drew Rosenhaus is certainly not on my Christmas list... but honestly I don't see that as a real big insult to Sheldon. Had he said Lito has to "deal with the embarassment" or "disrespect" of being relegated to the 3rd corner behind Brown... then those are fightin' words. The fact that he singled out Brown and not Asante Samuel is curious however. That's really where I can see a few eyebrows raised.

Still, whether I think it was a swipe or not isn't relevant. What does Sheldon Brown think?

"I wouldn't say it bothered me, because I'm bigger than that, I'm a professional ... Drew hasn't been with Sheldon Brown for 7 years; I think he's been with Lito for 2 months. He hasn't followed by career. He hasn't broke down any film; he probably couldn't tell you what number (Brown wears). It's really irrelevant ... (from watching the video) you would think the guy has been scouting tape and know(ing) the statistics and following us our whole career. A lot of times, people should just worry about their (own) jobs."

First, anyone who reads the blog regularly knows I love when Sheldon refers to himself in the third person... Clearly, Sheldon Brown is annoyed that Rosenhaus is talking about Sheldon Brown. In fact, it prompted Sheldon to wonder why Lito would have ever hired the guy in the first place?

"If you know (Rosenhaus') track record, it's more of a disappointment to me that he enticed the guy into signing with him," Brown said. "Thinking that he could get the deal done. Agents don't get the deals done. The player gets the deal done. That's what's disappointing.

The whole thing really did play out like a high school drama. "Sheldon, did you hear what Lito's friend Drew said about you?" "OMG Lito, do you agree with what your friend Drew said about Sheldon?" When Lito was asked about the comments he said he hadn't heard them. In fact the quote Les Bowen got was "(Bleep). What did (Rosenhaus say)?"

I'd recommend you check out the rest of Bowen's piece to hear what else Lito had to say. Long story short though, you can tell the whole thing made him very uncomfortable.

Something has to be done about this and it has to come from the top. Andy Reid needs to get Lito in his office and work something out. If it means getting rid of him, so be it... But the last thing this team needs, or Lito should want is a player's agent making taking even veiled swipes at a team mate.

How about one final thought from Sheldon Brown?

“I think sometimes agents can run players careers,” Brown said. “And what I mean by that is we have an agent who has four players who are disappointed with the way their deal is and we’re going into Week 1 and nobody has accomplished anything with those players. I’m bringing this to your attention because it’s how the players play … that gets you paid.”

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