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Eagles v Bears - What they're saying

First I have to echo Les Bowen's words...

Remind me of this game, someone out there, please, the next time I pick the Birds and Andy Reid to beat anybody on the road, without Brian Westbrook.

Yeah, I won't make that mistake again either Les.

Correll Buckhalter on the final goal line stand

"I did the best I could, the linemen did the best they could," said Buckhalter, who gained 66 yards on 16 carries, but needed 1 more. "We just came up short . . . It hurts bad. They just executed better than we did."

Speaking about that same goal line series, Andy Reid states the obvious

"We've got to score. We're on the 1-foot line. We've got to score," said Eagles coach Andy Reid,  "It's my responsibility to get our guys into the end zone, when we have the opportunities."

Desean Jackson on the wrong route he ran that led to an INT

"I'll watch the film and I'll learn," Jackson said. "Basically, for me, this year is learning. I'm expected to do a lot of things, faster than the average rookie coming in. I respect that and I understand that. I just need to get the job done."

And Desean on the muffed punt

"I'm not going to make excuses," he said. "I made a fumble, made a mistake. I have to live with it."

Learn from your mistakes... there's not much more you can ask from a rookie.

David Akers on his two missed field goals

"I feel so horrible right right now, I feel like I let the team down," Akers said. "We get those six points and we win by two. That's the way I look at it."

Even worse David, had you made one of those kicks... you would have to only hit a chip shot for the win rather than watching us go for it on 4th goal...

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