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The Linc 9.24.08 - It's Hank Baskett's world


You can meet Hank Baskett tonight from 6:30 to 7:30 at Friends Select School 17th and the parkway in Philly. He'll be there with novelist Matthew Quick, who recently released his first novel about the Philadelphia Eagles(The Silver Linings Playbook) which stars Hank Baskett. (Matthew Quick)

As I'm sure you've heard if you checked out the fanpost section lately... Hank Baskett is reportedly engaged to playboy playmate and one of the stars of "The Girls Next Door" Kendra Wilkinson. (WWTDD)

But wait, she says they aren't! (With Leather)

The 700 Level scored an exclusive interview with Donovan McNabb! Must Read! (700 Level)

HHR has a video of a bunch of drunk ladies at the Linc celebrating the Eagles win over the Steelers... at some point the subject of "musty crotches" is brought up... Oh and a girl from Surivor is in it. (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Iggles Blog has posted another one of their great video rewinds, this week of the win over the Steelers. (Iggles Blog)

Elizabeth has a list of hopes and dreams for the Cowboys season on her new Eagles blog. (Snarkin the NFL)

Scrapple takes a look at McNabb's record in comeback situations. You may be surprised. (Scrapple)

Poor Sports discusses which finger Dawkins has figuratively raised to his doubters. (Poor Sports)

Here's the Eagles pass rush against the Steelers summed up in one tidy little video package. (Eagle Scout)

Episode 33 of Eagles Fancast is up! Bring the heat Jimmy! (Eagles Fancast)

Finally, Eaglesville ponders whether we may have seen the last of Sean Considine? (Eaglesville)

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