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NFC East dominance growing

The NFC East is the best division in the NFL.


That statement is a fact. A fact defensible by any possible stat or measurement one can make. Here's just a few eye openers...

  • The NFC East is a combined 10-2.
  • NFC East teams are undefeated outside of their own division.
  • No NFC East team has lost at home.
  • Three NFC East teams are currently ranked in the top 10 defenses in the NFL(Dallas being the lone exception)
  • Three NFC East teams are currently ranked in the top 10 offenses in the NFL (Skins being the long exception.

ESPN's Matt Mosely(Dallas guy) agrees.

Yes, the balance of power has shifted from the AFC to the NFC, but we need to be more specific. The NFC's Super Bowl representative is coming out of the East. I've tried to defend the Colts, Chargers and Jaguars as possible late-bloomers this season, but all three of those teams are seriously flawed. The Colts have looked one-dimensional on offense, and that dimension (the forward pass) hasn't been reliable. As we discussed earlier, Jacksonville appears to be thin on the defensive line, which is a remarkable development when you consider that it was the strength of the defense in 2007.

And since most of us can agree that this league is all about the quarterback, I think it's safe to say that Tony Romo, Donovan McNabb and Eli Manning have been the best in the league through three games -- and Jason Campbell has been solid in his team's two wins.

After Dallas beat the Pack on the road, Washington beat the class of the NFC West, and the Eagles beat up one of the best teams in the AFC... Writers from around the country are trumpeting the dominance of the East this week.

Brian Van Octhen - Grand Rapids Press

Is the NFC East the league's toughest division?

Yep, no contest.

The Sporting News - The NFC East, It's almost unfair!

The East should easily send 3 teams to the playoffs... again. If it was allowed, I would say all 4 teams would fill out a great playoff bracket. The balance has been disturbed. The weakest NFC East team would be a heavyweight in any other NFC division.

Dan Daly - Washington Times

If you can't jump to conclusions after three weeks of the NFL season, when can you jump to conclusions? So allow me to suggest that the NFC East might be even better than we thought - and we thought pretty highly of it to begin with, inasmuch as it sent three teams to the playoffs last year.

Daly points out the NFC East teams are dominant off the field as well

In the latest Forbes rankings, Dallas ($1.612 billion), Washington ($1.538B), New York ($1.178B) and Philadelphia ($1.116B) were first, second, fourth and seventh in the league in franchise value. Yeah, it's a hard salary cap, but it's a lot harder when your franchise doesn't have 10,000 club seats or isn't worth a billion dollars.

Joe West - Northwest Arkansas Times

There's no doubt that the NFC East is the best division in the NFL. Some are saying it's the best division in any sport.

I don't really care enough about other sports to make that kind of judgment, but I know that so far in 2008 the teams of the NFC East have been bullying their opponents with high-flying offense and some hard-hitting defense.

Admittedly, before the season I said I thought the AFC South would be a better a division... Obviously, I must have been high on cough medicine or something at the time.

When all the big power ranks come out later today, how much do you wanna bet the Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles make up the top 3 in nearly every one?

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