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Lito Sheppard isn't starting, but he wants to be

The preseason is now over and it appears that Sheldon Brown and Asante Samuel will start at corner this Sunday against the Rams. Of course, that leaves former pro bowler Lito Sheppard relegated to #3 on the depth chart... Why is that Lito?

"That's a good question, you should ask that right now,'' Sheppard said, when reporters asked him why he felt he wasn't starting. "Given the reasons supposedly - my injuries, me not being able to stay on the field - with that not being an issue [currently], what is the issue? That's a good question for y'all to bring up.''

Lito made is fairly clear that he wants to start, whether it's here or somewhere else.

"I'm worried about today," he said. "I'm just doing things I need to do to prepare for the season. Where that is -- or however that works out -- is yet to be determined, but I'm going to be ready to play."

Even though he's unhappy, it seems like Lito is adopting the attitude we all hoped he would. If you want the big money, the starting job, and the accolades... go out on the field and take them.

"I can definitely showcase my talent and if I'm not starting, prove that I should be, so you guys can ask the questions why I'm not,"

Everyone's favorite agent wieghed in with his thoughts on Lito being relegated to the third CB role.

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