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Eagles/Cowboys - What they're saying

The Sporting News has termed last night's matchup an "Instant Classic."

By looks of most media this morning, it appears that's a general consensus. Afterward,  Dallas gave the Eagles credit.

"We saw what Philadelphia is," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after the game. "McNabb, by having the experience he's got, is better than his younger years. He's still got that mobility. He does a better job when he gets the ball and doesn't have the turnovers. He was a mess out there for our guys tonight. We were fortunate to win this game and everybody knows it."

Said Cowboys coach Wade Phillips: "Anybody who thinks Donovan is too old or can't play anymore, they're absolutely wrong. The guy kept them in the game and made great plays."

I'm sure we were all waiting to hear what Desean Jackson had to say about his near disastrous little gaffe...

"Things happen," Jackson said. "It was just one of those things. I was just overexcited, just trying to have some fun. I'm young, but I'm kind of mad at myself. I could have had a touchdown."

Andy Reid's message to Jackson was pretty simple.

"He just needs to learn from that and make sure he gets across the goal line," Eagles coach Andy Reid said. "You can't do that."

Brian Westbrook had some advice for young Jackson

"He should have scored. He should have held on to the ball,” Westbrook said. "I told him to hold on to the ball until he gets to the sideline.”

Good advice.

Sheldon Brown

"We fought our tails off, We came into a hostile environment, and we didn’t give up. We didn’t quit. We battled a little adversity early, and we kept going back and forth with them. It was a heck of a chess match. It was a championship game. It was one of them title fights.”

Finally, Peter King talked about the strength of the NFC East

One final point about the incredible NFC East: This division just might have the best three teams in football right now, with the Cowboys (still number one), Giants and Eagles. The only team through two weeks that I'd put in the middle of them is Pittsburgh.

By the way, most of King's article this AM was about how great the Eagles looked. From reading it, you'd think we won.

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