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The Linc 9.11.08 - Let's go to the Bar


Brian Dawkins was named the Home Depot NFL "Neighborhood MVP" and will have a playground built in his honor. (Home Depot)

Turkey Hill is giving Eagles fans the chance to eat their way to tickets for Eagles v Giants in New Jersey. (Turkey Hill)

Note to Ashley Fox of the Inky, go talk to Les Bowen... then come back and apologize to the rest of us. Are you really that hard up for a story that you had to cut and paste another nonsense piece about TO? (Inquirer)

Iggles blog channels their inner John Madden for an excellent video rewind look at the win over the Rams. (Iggles Blog)

We learned some lessons in the win over the Rams, mostly about McNabb. (Poor Sports)

A few looks at Sheldon Brown's greatest hits. (Depressed Fan)

Dave correctly explains why ESPN's Rick Reilly is clueless about Philadelphia and it's sports teams. (Eagles Scout)

Bounty Bowl concurs. Also, they've got video of Randall Cunningham the drummer! Bounty Bowl)

New episode of Eagles fancast discussing the blowout win over the Rams. (Eagles Fancast)

If you've been follwing the Vince Young situation lately, you may have also come to the conclusion that there's no way he could last in this city. (Bleed Eagles Green)

With Leather has some predictions for Jessica Simpson's next concert in Philadelphia. (With Leather)

John Nalbone talks about how the Eagles derailed the Cowboys season last year with a win in Dallas. (

Finally, a girl named "Bar" that also happens to be drop dead gorgeous? I'll take one! (WWTDD)

Oh and speaking of bars, could anyone tell me what this new Miller Lite Phlite deck at the Linc is about? (

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