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Cowboys are talking, Eagles are not



The next installment of Eagles Dallas has started off with one side yapping, and the other treating it with professionalism

Cornerback Pacman Jones (who might or might not have been talking in a higher voice) wasn’t impressed with the fact that three Eagles receivers gained more than 100 yards through the air on Sunday.

"They played the Rams, dude," Pacman said.

That should provide bulletin board material not only for the Eagles but the Rams as well.

And they even had to get their girlfriends involved as well.

Though Jones’ words weren’t a direct slam at the Eagles, the girlfriend of quarterback Tony Romo declared her support for her beau’s team during a Tuesday appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America.

"Go Cowboys!" she yelled during her performance, later adding a message to the Eagles.

"That’s next week!  We’re gonna kick your butts, too!"

The three ring circus that Dallas has built around itself has become something to behold... For a team that hasn't exactly handled pressure well in recent years, you have to wonder whether this train is roaring toward disaster...

And the last time Yoko Romo got involved in the rivalry, it went well for us.

Donovan McNabb

"We're looking forward to it but we won't look at it as a test to see where we're at," McNabb said. "At this particular time of the season it's important that you try to master the fundamentals, to make sure the chemistry is where it's supposed to be."

McNabb was asked whether he's watched the show "Hard Knocks" which chronicled the Cowboys training camp.

"Who hasn't?" McNabb said. "They're a confident bunch and they're an experienced bunch. There's a reason they won 13 games last year. We know that it's going to be a battle. Every time we play it kind of goes to the wire somehow. So we have to prepare ourselves to go out and give a good fight."

Who hasn't you ask? Me for one. Not interested.

Jon Runyan

Just another day in the office," offensive tackle Jon Runyan said before getting analytical. "Well, you've got to win your East games and it's a big one Monday night. This is the first one in the East and you've got to win the East to move on in the playoffs. It's a big game because it's the next one."

BrianS pointed out a quote by Sheldon Brown

"We’re all smart enough and old enough to know that, on any given week, it can be totally different," Sheldon Brown said on Sunday. "Let’s be honest: We’ve got a challenge coming up. Let’s see if we can answer it."

There's one obvious reason as to why one team would lash out and the other could be quietly confident... Cue Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News.

Both coach Andy Reid and quarterback Donovan McNabb arrived in Philadelphia the same season – 1999. McNabb has been dominant against the Cowboys, building an 11-5 record against the Eagles' NFC East rival. But Reid has been even more dominant. He's 13-5 in his head-coaching career against the Cowboys with five of those victories in Dallas. Reid and the Eagles have beaten the Cowboys in their last two visits to Texas Stadium with two different quarterbacks. Jeff Garcia pulled the upset in 2006 and McNabb in 2007.

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