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Eagles and Giants "swap" Tank Daniels and Jerome McDougle

A day after being cut by their respective teams, Jerome McDougle signed a one year deal with the Giants and former Eagle Tank Daniels inked a deal with the Eagles. The Eagles released the dissapointing Rocky Boiman to make room for Daniels. 


Tank will provide depth at strongside linebacker and should feature on special teams as well. Daniels was in the process of signing the necessary papers to join the Giants' practice squad when he got the call from the Eagles. Upon his return, Tank talked about an important thing that the Eagles and Giants share.

"This is so crazy for me. I just can't believe it," Daniels said. "The one thing that I do love about both teams that I've been on is they both hate Dallas. I'm really cool with that. Even though I'm an Arkansas kid, I've never really liked the Cowboys. Fortunately enough, I've been on two teams that hate the Cowboys.

Tank Daniels just jumped way up in my book!

On a side note, I was checking out some Giants' fans reaction to the McDougle signing and one commenter absolutely nailed what McDougle has been to the Eagles.

He was the Carl Pavano of the Eagles.

Kudos to you TerraByte, you got that dead on. He's our Carl Pavano.

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