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New Westbrook deal close?


PFT is reporting that the Eagles and Brian Westbrook have agreed to a new deal.

We’re hearing rumblings out of Philly that the team has struck a deal with running back Brian Westbrook.  Specifically, we’re told that Westbrook is telling others that an agreement has been reached.

The report comes on the heels of Jeff Lurie's state of the team address early this week where he spoke in a very positive way about his willingness to get something done with Westbrook.

''I don't have a problem [redoing a contract] when a player outperforms his contract,'' Eagles owner Jeff Lurie said Monday in his annual training camp press briefing. ''My philosophy, and I think it's the organization's philosophy, is to try to always be fair and adapt to where things are at.''

Westbrook has stated that he'd like to get a deal done before the first preseason game of the year, which is tommorow against the Steelers. " would want the contract before the game starts. That's how things work. Hopefully, that's how things will work out.''

When asked about Lurie's statements about him, Westbrook was pleased and said he was optimisitic about the talks between his agent and the Eagles.

"He's the owner, so it definitely makes you feel good," Westbrook said yesterday, when asked about Lurie's comments. "Hopefully, things get done sooner than later. I'm positive, I'm really optimistic about how things have been going."

So unless PFT again "misunderstood" the source and Westbrook is NOT telling people a deal is done, we hopefully should haev something to celebrate soon. It certainly seems from what both Lurie and Westbrook have said this week that both sides want this to happen.

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