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Lito Sheppard wants out? How long will starters play Friday?


In a further response to Jeff Lurie's comments that we talked about this morning, Lito Sheppard made his strongest comments yet about his dissatisfaction with his contract and the team.

"I think it'll be a lot better if it was for somebody else," said Sheppard, who's expected to start at left cornerback against Pittsburgh in the preseason opener Friday night at Heinz Field in place of injured Asante Samuel.

"I think we all know what it is. I don't have to get into details about it," Sheppard said of his contract dispute. "This is my job and a lot of people don't like their job, but you have to do it."

The bottom line is that Lito isn't likely to be traded anywhere this year. Whether he likes it or not, Lito doesn't have a ton of options right now. He's already reported to camp so holding out now would be pointless... The Eagles have made it pretty clear they aren't going to discuss a new deal with him right now. We know that leading up to the draft no team was willing to give up anything decent in trade for Lito... The only sensible option for Lito is to go out and have the best year he possibly can. That would give him a tremendous amount of leverage not only to get a new deal from the Eagles but also to be dealt to someone who would be willing to give him the money he wants.

The Eagles kick off their preseason tomorrow night in Pittsburgh and have announced that their starters will played about a quarter and a half.

On the eve of the first preseason game of 2008, Blog Head has learned that the Eagles starters will play for a quarter and half against the Steelers. The 2nd group, led on offense by QB Kevin Kolb, will also play a quarter and half, while the 3rd stringers will work the fourth quarter. CB Asante Samuel (hamstring), DTs Kimo von Oelhoffen (knee) and Montae Reagor (knee), DE Victor Abiamiri (wrist surgery), and OL Franklin Dunbar (back) will not make the trip across the state.

Tommorrow we'll haev some insight on the Steelers from Behind the Steel Curtain.

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