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Brett Favre trade to Tampa Bay coming soon?


Reports are suggesting that the Packers are close to dealing Brett Favre to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Why should we as Eagles fans care? Because Favre in the NFC South could mean good news for us. As we discussed last week the Eagles hold the Carolina Panthers first round pick next year, and anything bad for them is good for us. Let's face it, who gives the Bucs a better chance to win two games against Carolina next year? The Bucs current QB Jeff Garcia or Brett Favre?

In case you need help deciding, Favre threw 28 TDs last year and Jeff threw 13. At least one Bucs blogger thinks they're a better team with Favre.

Favre's agent has said that the two most likely destinations for Favre are the Bucs or the Jets. This Eagles fans is rooting for Gruden and co to make the deal. At the very least, it gives Eagles fans some kind of perspective on all this Favre nonsense.

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